Young people speak up about Sexting & CyberBullying on MTV’s “Over the Line”

MTV’s “A Thin Line” Campaign encourages young people to understand the difference between digital use and digital abuse.

With articles regarding sexting, constant messages, spying, digital disrespect and cruelty; I must say this is an excellent website!  I believe that the best way to overcome an issue is to understand that you are not alone and the “Over the Line” section of A Thin Line allows young people to address difficult personal issues without ridicule.

Users can make anonymous posts or create a profile to share their experiences and have peers rate whether their situation is “Over the Line.” I’ve been reading the posts and I have been compelled to comment.    Check it out!

The application will include stories that range from the humorous to the dramatic and plugs into Facebook, he said.

Fifty percent of 14 to 24 year olds have been the target of some form of digital abuse and 30 percent have sent or received nude photos of other young people on their cell phones or online, according to a December study released by MTV and the Associated Press.

Twelve percent of those who have sexted have contemplated suicide, which is four times higher than those who haven’t, the study concluded.

Sources: Fast Company Blog; ABC

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