2 thoughts on “Epic Fail:”MUSICOLIO” song by Tay Zonday!

  1. You have a right to your opinion and maybe we are forgetting that he has fans somewhere in this world, but we still think his schtick is over and that it is becoming a real bore. But thanks for the comment we appreciate people with different views than us.

  2. As if. I’d put more stake in this “one liner” if you lended your “expertise” in a real review. What’s right in your opinion about this song. I love his quirky songs and the fact that he’s making a pretty good living doing promotions, advertising, voice overs and is thriving in the online content media front. Just ask YouTube. I’m no musician just a listener and it’s frustrating to read stuff like this with no constructive feedback. I have a little music review site of his work because all of the internet was lacking in serious review for me. Real feedback please. (I do not work and am not related to Tay Zonday) Just a longtime supporter. Thank you. : )

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