Would You Pay $1625 for a Tee Shirt?

Yeah I would if it came with an apt in midtown.

via Huff Post

Why purchase a crisp, clean shirt when you can buy a Balmain tee that already has gaping holes in it? This olive green number is 100% cotton and “simply slips on,” according to Net-A-Porter.
Looks super comfy–except for obvious draft! All yours for…$1,625.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Goes great with Louis Vuitton’s $1,960 Trash Bag Purse, to complete the bourgeois bum look.

3 thoughts on “Would You Pay $1625 for a Tee Shirt?

  1. Yes i would if it said David Sciberras love to ko Will Smith for hiring hackers to destroy little children

  2. yes I would if it said Karate kid movie run by drop kicks that stand over little girls because thats exactaly what there ding to monique sciberras its not her fault that her movie documentary is coming out the same time as the Karate kid Monique sciberras movie called An Australian girls adventure

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