Laura Bush says German Hotel tried to Poison George Bush

Source: Mediatakeout

Man there are so many people including me that kinda wish she was telling the truth and not trying to sell a book.
via AFP

BERLIN — A German hotel where then US President George W. Bush stayed in 2007 angrily rejected Thursday claims by his wife Laura Bush of possible poisoning, accusing her of a publicity stunt for her memoirs.

“We see absolutely no evidence to support (these allegations) at all,” said Christian Ploeger, a spokesman for the Fundus Group that owns the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm in northern Germany where the Bushes stayed for a G8 summit.

“The food was checked by security staff,” Ploeger told AFP.

“I suspect that this may be just to try and sell more copies of the book.”

In her upcoming autobiography “Spoken from the Heart,” a copy of which was obtained by the New York Times, Laura Bush writes that she, her husband and staff members may have been poisoned when they fell ill during their stay.

The president was even bedridden for part of the trip, and while the Secret Service investigated the possibility they were poisoned, doctors could only conclude they all contracted a virus, the paper cites Laura Bush as writing.

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