Pacquiao says he ready for the blood test

Hey Floyd are we gonna sign the papers and make this happen?

via Times Newsline

“I have agreed to it, but they should not draw much blood. They should only take what is necessary for the drug test,” said the Filipino star.

“He Mayweather] will no longer have a reason [not to fight]. Let’s see if that is really the reason,” added Pacquiao.
If the fight goes ahead it will be definitely be the richest showdown in the history of boxing. The fight will also determine who is the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

One thought on “Pacquiao says he ready for the blood test

  1. yawn…this dude swears Floyd is scared. Now it’s gonna be the amount watch… Floyd ain’t duckin Pacquiao. It’s not like Floyd isn’t taking the exact same test…Nobody talks about how it was PacMan who ducked Shane first, that’s why Floyd fought Shane. Now, he’ll go out and fight Shane and it will be a much bigger deal. Whateva tho, should be a great fight. I’m just tired of all the Floyd hate.

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