[video] Idiots try to change iPod and Weed for iPad

These two dummies really need to lay off the weed because it makes absolutely no sense fo someone to even make this trade let alone over Craiglist.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“This past Thursday, Police arrested two men who posted a Craigslist ad (pictured above) in an effort to try and trade a 32 GB iPod Touch and a sizeable amount of Pot in exchange for an iPad. And as if that wasn’t dumb enough, these enterprising young fellows actually posted a picture of their weed on a scale, sitting right next to a third-generation iPod Touch.
Who knows, maybe the weed, which the Craigslist ad refers to as “blue dream straight outta cali”, had to be seen to be believed. Then again, if it was really that good, maybe they would have asked for the 64GB iPad 3G model instead. In any event, after receiving a tip about the obviously illegal posting, undercover police officers answered the ad and subsequently arrested 20-year old Jacob Walker when they met up under the auspices of completing the advertised exchange. Also arrested was Walker’s partner in crime, 20-year old Joseph Velarde who also hails from Gilbert, Arizona. According to Gilbert Police Sergeant Mark Marino, the arrests were made once Walker proffered the Marijuana to the undercover agents. Both now face charges for possession of an illegal substance and conspiracy to sell Marijuana.” – Edible Apple

Sound Off!!

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