[pics] WTF happened to Lauren Hill (96-2010)

WTF happened to Lauren Hill? is a question many have asked over the years and it seems that no one has answer. Some recent footage of her singing(quite well) at some festival in Cali surfaced a few days ago but the way she dresses and acts still remains a mystery. People from all over have been feigning for a comeback but it looks like we have seen the best from this remarkable actor, songwriter, rapper, and singer. I cannot take any credit for gathering these pics that goes to Buzzfeed blooger Matt Sopera who compiled this timeline with the question we all have been wondering What Happened to Lauren Hill? Hit the jump to see this unbelievable transformation of Lauren Hill.

  • 1996

  • 1999

  • 2000-2006

  • 2007- Present



3 thoughts on “[pics] WTF happened to Lauren Hill (96-2010)

  1. she looks a drugy mess.She looks like lisa bone’t when she was with Lenny Kravitz.I think that jamacian has ruined her because he has no career,he’s living off of what’s left of Lauren Hill.

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