Parents try to sell baby at Walmart

This has definitely been the year of the bad parent, we have seen all type of people doing pretty stupid things to their innocent kids and this probably takes the cake.

via Newser

A California couple have been arrested for allegedly trying to sell their baby to Wal-Mart shoppers for the bargain price of $25. Police say Patrick Fousek, 38, offered his 6-month-old daughter to two women outside the Salinas store, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The women called authorities when they realized Fousek wasn’t joking.

Fousek and the child’s mother had departed by the time police arrived, but the parents were tracked down with the help of a vehicle description. Police found the parents living in squalor and high on methamphetamines. Both were arrested and charged with child endangerment. Their daughter has been taken into protective custody

2 thoughts on “Parents try to sell baby at Walmart

  1. Wow that is crazy! I would of never thought that a mother would pick Drugs over a baby.A one time high apose to a life time of happiness.Wow What is this world coming to.

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