Did Souljah Boy Delete His Twitter Account Over #IfSouljaBoysARapper Trending Topic?

(Just due to the fact that he had over 2 million followers makes this a story).

The debate about celebrities using Twitter has been chronicled in a bunch of different articles that have examined the pros and cons of the social network. Many celebs feels that this is away to stay connected directly with their fans. But it also has gotten plenty of celebs in serious beefs, disputes, and problems due to the frank nature of the discussions. Miley Cyrus, John Mayer, Chris Brown, and The Dream are just a few celebs who have deleted their Twitter accounts over things they have said that caused a bunch of bad press. Now it seems that rap star Souljah Boy has joined this group in the last day or so.

Souljah Boy has been a strong advocate of twitter and over the past two years has amassed 2 million followers and constantly kept in contact with his fans thru the service. He has used it to debut new songs, videos, and any commercial ventures he is involved with to spread the message to his loyal core fanbase. Now while editing a documentary for a client, I decided to take a break and log onto Twitter to check out what todays Trending Topics were and I ran into the #IfSouljaBoysARapper topic and decided to check out what people were saying.

I started to see hilarious tweets like #IfSouljaBoysARapper then Whitney Houston Never Smoked Crack. As I looked further down I saw a tweet from active tweeter @_victorlance who stated that Souljah Boy deleted his twitter over this cruel but funny trending topic. Now we know that Souljah Boy is not one of our best rappers and his biggest hits have been gimmicky songs, and he received alot of flack from some of the elder statesman of Hip Hop in particular the always outspoken Ice T and Snoop Dogg. He obviously heard this criticism over the past few years and promised that he would bring a higher level of creativity and lyricism to his new album.

He recently dropped the first song ‘Pretty Boy Swag’ off his new album “Dre” and it definitely was not in the vein of what many would consider ‘real hip hop’. Well it seems that Twitter jumped on this and started this trending topic and it obviously got under his skin because his Twitter account has disappeared with no explanation.

I think a great article that spoke on all these issues with Twitter and social media is Allhiphop co-founder Chuck Creekmur’s ‘Twitter Will End Your Music Career’ which delves deep into his thoughts that if you are an artist – new or old – you are probably about to ruin your career if you are investing too much time and energy into social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others. Anyway it is great read and we will see over the next few days to see why Souljah Boy deleted his twitter account.

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6 thoughts on “Did Souljah Boy Delete His Twitter Account Over #IfSouljaBoysARapper Trending Topic?

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  3. um he deleted his twitter 2 days ago global grind ran a story on the 24 and i doubt that has been a TT for two days i’m just sayin

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