[video] Rock Group ‘The Anix’ Shoots First Music Video on iPhone 4


Nice job. Probably won’t make my everyday playlist but nice job with the iPhone 4.

The Anix – Enemy Eyes Official Music Video

via brandonanix

We filmed this entire video using only one iphone 4, literally minutes after taking it out of the box. All we had were tri-pods that we would tape the phone to or anything we could use to keep the phone steady. The song was recorded using Logic 9, on a MacBook Pro i7. As a disclaimer, this was my first attempt at editing/shooting a video, so if it looks like I have no clue what I am doing, you are right.

This is only a sample of the song. The full version will be released on itunes shortly. In the mean time download our latest single “Take My Future” on itunes.


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