[video] NBC LA anchor Chris Schauble says ‘WTF’ Live on Air (LMAO)

We love to see news anchors act like real people and this is no different, check out Chris Schauble reaction to the wrong picture being flashed on screen.

via TMZ

The picture shown was supposed to be Jaycee Dugard, the woman who was kidnapped and held for 18 years.

Problem is … the production crew ran a video showing Abby Sunderland — the teenage sailor who went missing for just a couple of days.

3 thoughts on “[video] NBC LA anchor Chris Schauble says ‘WTF’ Live on Air (LMAO)

  1. i am very sorry you let Chris Schauble go.I missed him & found him on ch. 5 this a.m., Might have to switch–tired of all the old ladies with boob jobs who don’t know how to dress. Someone PLEASE tell them how to dress–especially Loresco with her ruffles accentuating her fake boobs. Kathy Vara needs a new doo– saw her YEARS ago on another ch. with same do. Send them all to Makeover College. Thanks

  2. iam really upset you let Chris Schauble go. have been looking for him–now i have found him on ch. 5–maybee switch viewing. he has been professional, a mistake. There are a LOT of things your channel does that I overlook.

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