[video] New ‘Transformers Prime’ Cartoon debuts at Comic Con

I don’t care what CGI advances they make there is nothing better than the original Transformers cartoon. Classic. But if you are into the new stuff check out a clip from ‘Transformer Prime’ cartoon:


Transformers have returned to Comic Con, and while Michael Bay is busy filming the third movie elsewhere, every other part of the Transformers empire is here. New cartoon, video game, pictures of awesome new toys – we’ve got it all!

Transformers Prime debuts this October as the flagship program on Hasbro’s new TV channel, the Hub. Reuniting Peter Cullen and Frank Welker as the original Optimus Prime and Megatron, the show is being talked up as a huge leap forward for Transformers cartoons, with cutting-edge CGI graphics, ongoing storylines where the consequences of one episode carry over to the next, and themes that aren’t necessarily more “adult” – the makers stressed it’s for viewers of all ages – but they are more sophisticated than what’s been seen before.


5 thoughts on “[video] New ‘Transformers Prime’ Cartoon debuts at Comic Con

  1. Here’s a hilarious impersonation of a scene from the original cartoon Transformers movies!

    Enjoy and share

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