Madness: Chicago Teen Shot 22 Times

I do not even know what to say to this story. We have serious problems in our communities and another life is lost and we do nothing.

via NBC Chicago

Theresa Lumpkin said she had been recently thinking of sending her son away to a safer neighborhood, fearful of the violence that’s pervading her area.

Now, like so many other mothers who’ve experienced the pain of losing a child to gun violence, she’ll bury her son.

Robert Freeman Jr., just 13 years old, was shot as many as 22 times Wednesday night in Chicago’s West Pullman neighborhood, police said.  He was standing next to a car near 115th Street and South Perry Avenue at around 8:15 p.m. when a masked gunman jumped out of an overgrown vacant lot and opened fire into a crowd of people.

Freeman was the only one hit, and witnesses said the gunman pumped bullet after bullet into the young boy’s body.


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