J-Hova Spells Cha-Ching

Everyone’s aware that Forbes tells it like it is when it comes to power-earners in the hip hop

world. Recently released, 2010’s list has rap mogul Jay-Z topping the register for the second

year in a row, raking in an estimated $63 million. Jigga Man also pulled in $35 million last year,

pushing close to $100 mil for a two-year stretch.

Not bad at all by any standard. But what’s more is Jay is able to accomplish huge earnings on a

yearly basis, while still spending like a Hilton, partying like a drunken sailor, and sweating about

as much as a botox-addicted socialite in terms of actual heavy lifting.

As part owner of the New Jersey Nets, one of the NBA’s most storied—yet habitually

underachieving—franchises, Jay pulls in a few million annually. He also does well with

Rocawear and his label, Belvedere Vodka and, of course, his records – including royalties.

In the new millennium, Jigga’s pushing closer to the elusive billion than other moguls of the

era like Diddy and 50 Cent, who both earned big in 2010 with $30 and $8 million respectively.

But Jay remains the king of hip hop, the king of New York (slash Jersey) and now the king of

Forbes’ earners’ list.

What does a man with a few hundred million dollars spend his money on? The dude could go on

a two decade losing streak via online blackjack games and still be in the black. He could spring

for a superyacht, private island and Gulfstream and still have ends to pimp Beyonce out in rare

pink baguettes.

While other rappers on the list like Swizz Beatz are in debt—his personal IRS liens total over

$650k—Jay-Z pushes strong through it all and remains the biggest earner and possibly still the

biggest name in the game.

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