One thought on “[video] Bill Maher on Larry King (speaks on GOP racism, Sarah Palin)

  1. Dear Governor Gregoire, I feel you’re governing Washington State, and it’s State Agencies like a Stupid, Incompetent C.U.N.T. , when Denise Revels Robinson high tailed it to Washington to hide, after her bumbling disgraceful act in Wisconsin, that resulted in the death of Christopher Thomas of Wisconsin. Let’s not forget the death of Tyler Deleon who was starved to death in Washington State. Get off your duff Chris. Denise stop shinning your chair with your duff. Both of you Please, Do Your JOB! Thank God! For Term Limits.

    C.U.N.T., is a Cat, a Unicorn in November on a Train, dumb C.U.N.T.’ s

    Max Lawson

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