[pics] British girl wins ‘America’s Perfect Teen’ beauty pageant

Hey American teenage girls you suck. This pic looks like she is ready for Maxim rather than representing the Americas’s Best Teen. She will get caught with drunk pics on Facebook in 5,4,3,.. Expect a call from Hugh Hefner in a few years.

via Metro UK

Anysha Panesar beat 30 rivals to win the contest while she was on holiday in Florida.

But the 16-year-old’s victory left some contestants and their parents furious at the snub to home-grown girls.

‘Some people did say I shouldn’t have won because I’m British,’ said Anysha. ‘But I think they just said it because they didn’t win.’

Contest founder Michael Galanes, whose Little Miss Perfect toddlers’ pageant is a TV hit in the States, said: ‘Yes, her win caused a bit of a stir because she is, of course, British.

‘But that is perfectly within the rules of the competition and those people are just naysayers.


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