British Government Takes Control of Queen’s $60 Million Dollar Allowance

This old broad gets $60 million to do exactly what? Talk about welfare, I am surprised that the people of Britain are not outraged at this but I guess they like to finance the Queen’s bling for the past few thousand years. Trust me read below and find out that no remorse is needed for this old bat:


(NEWSER) – The British government now has the final say over how Queen Elizabeth II spends her annual $60 million allowance from the government. The monarch signed over official control of her spending in 2006, following cash-flow problems that saw her borrow another $3 million from the government, reports the Independent, which discovered the agreement through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The queen uses the cash to cover the costs of her staff and palaces, but the agreement states that in the event of any disagreement with the government, ministers can step in and administer the funds directly. Constitutional law experts say the deal could be used to force the monarch to make spending cuts, or even to spend some of her own fortune—believed to be in the neighborhood of $500 million—to pay for the upkeep of her palaces.


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