Puppy Throwing Girl Gets No Punishment from Authorities

If this story is accurate then it is a shame she will be able to get away with this but the karma coming back will definitely bite her in the ass.

via Gawker

This information comes from a German newspaper, so the Google translation is shaky. But the gist is clear: PETA in Germany tells the paper that they spoke to police in the Bosnian town, and no charges are going to be filed against the girl. What happened?

The girl was 12 years too young for punishment. Another reason is that an old woman had reported and claimed to have rescued the puppies.

Campaign Manager Nadia Kutscher of Germany eV Peta is appalled: “This is, in our view impossible. The pups of the old woman looked different than on the video. Above all, the little puppy would never be able to survive this. “


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