[video] Kenyan man dies leaves 100 widows, 200 children

This guy was really busy.

via Newser

(Newser) – Kenya’s most famous polygamist has died, leaving behind enough grieving widows and children to fill a jumbo jet. “Danger” Akuku, believed to have been in his late 90s, married his first wife in 1939 and well over 100 more in the six decades to follow. He fathered around 200 children, so many that he founded two elementary schools to educate them, as well as a church for his family to attend.

The funeral arrangements for legendary polygamist Ancentus Akuku Danger are proving just as a complex affair as his lifestyle. The family and the Kanyamwa clan that he belonged has agreed to allow his children spread across Europe and Far East to travel home and give their father a deserved send-off. http://www.ntv.co.ke


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