Republican Billionaires(aka the real Illuminati) Memo Leaks, Plot Meeting to Destroy Obama

Charles Koch, The Dark Knight

Please people,  enough with all this nonsense about a bunch of powerless recording artists controlling the earth and being down with the New World Order. The worst thing we will see from these guys is the Taylor Swift incident and Kanye was ready to off his self after the ridicule and you guys claim he is the leader of the New World Order? Stop it and look at the story below of the guys who really are from the darkside and what they have planned for this country and are not afraid to put their billions behind it:

via Gawker

The vast Right Wing Conspiracy will convene in January, according to a personal invitation that infamous billionaire Charles Koch recently sent to his rich friends.

There they will plot to stop the Obama agenda, perhaps with Glenn Beck giving instructions.



3 thoughts on “Republican Billionaires(aka the real Illuminati) Memo Leaks, Plot Meeting to Destroy Obama

  1. Even though income discrepancy is greater now than ever before, even though the top income tax rate has dropped significantly since the 1980s, even though the top CEO and corporate salaries now are thousands of times higher than the lowest employee income, our millionaires and billionaires are unwilling to shell out one more penny for our country. Now THAT is what I call PATRIOTISM!

    (And isn’t it wonderful that there are politicians (aka Republicans) who are always looking out for the Big Guy?). I feel so heartened..

    God Bless America! Let’s cut the funding for education, health, the arts, science and research. What do we need that NONSENSE for! We have to protect our AILING BILLIONAIRES!!!


    (And for you morons in the Midwest and South who vote Republican because of Jeezus. Seek therapy. The Republican party doesn’t represent your needs.)

  2. Economic freedom-an individuals way to protect their own interests through gathering other people with similar interests, to counter the majorities interests which may or may not have impeded them in the first place

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