[video] Old white guy tells black city councilman to ‘go work in the cotton fields’

Don’t give me any flack about the headline cause this old guy needs to drop dead. He still wants blacks in the cotton fields and can probably remember those good old days in the deep south.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
via 13 WMAZ

Warner Robins City Council member Daron Lee says remarks made by other council members turned racial for the second meeting in a row.
Lee says Tom Simms Jr. referred to him as “boy” during a closed meeting two weeks ago.

Monday night, council member John Williams said Lee should be working in a cotton field.

The exchange happened during a motion by Daron Lee. He wanted to clarify a contract for an investigation by former city clerk Stan Martin into city business.

Lee and three other council members voted for Martin to continue the inquiry, but John Williams, Mayor Chuck Shaheen and Tom Simms Jr. oppose his hiring.

The disagreement prompted Williams to interrupt Lee.

Lee stopped Williams, saying, “I was disrespected last Monday. I’m getting about tired of you all, talking to me any kind of way. I’m not working in a cotton field.”

Williams replied, “You should be.”


One thought on “[video] Old white guy tells black city councilman to ‘go work in the cotton fields’

  1. Old Southern White Folks
    These folks are are having a rough time adjusting. Thirty years ago Lee would never have even been a council member, or a believing that a Black Man is living in the White House.

    Catch-up Folks

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