College kids skip eating to do binge drinking, counselors have named it ‘drunkorexia’

Teenage Wasteland aka our educational system in this country has got massive problems that never seem to get addressed by our so-called politicians who are more concerned with a bunch of trivial bullshit.

via ABC

The trend is “drunkorexia.”

“Abuse counselors are putting the word ‘drunkorexia’ in line with other eating disorders because the patient uses the same type of methods as anorexia and bulimia- they just mix it with alcohol too,” said Dr. Kevin Prince, Alcohol & Other Drug Education Program Coordinator at the University Health Services in Austin, Texas.

Diet blogs and studies describe a drunkorexic as someone who restricts food intake to reserve those calories for alcohol and binge drinking, and note that people are more susceptible to drunkorexia in college. A recent study by the University of Texas School of Public Health and the University of North Texas Health Science Center found that in the past 10 years binge drinking has increased among young men and women.



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