[video] 10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Preview)

I think this is a great idea, we just need a DVD for officers who act like assholes for no reason and show them how to treat people point blank. If you wanna see more of the rules check out the slideshow here.

After watching 10 Rules for Dealing with Police, you’ll be more confident and better prepared to handle every kind of police situation.

Learn How To…

* Deal with traffic stops, street stops & police at your door
* Know your rights & maintain your cool
* Avoid common police tricks
* Prevent humiliating searches

Bonus Features
* 10 Rules for Non-citizens (en Español)
* Q&A with 10 Rules Creators
* Spanish & Arabic Subtitles

Run Time Approx: 40 min.

Get more info at 10RulesMovie.com

DVDs are now available! Get yours now at http://10RulesMovie.com for only $15.00.


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