Scientist developing marijuana that does not get you high

I know some of you guys cant even fathom what is the purpose of highless marijuana but this lady below does not think every person with a ‘chronic’ disease wants to get sloshed.

Chapman University professor Keun-Hang Susan Yang is working to separate the intoxicating effects of marijuana from the medically beneficial ones. Register photo by Leonard Ortiz.

via The Orange County Register

New research shows that marijuana, long a symbol of tie-dyed inebriation, could one day become a respectable prescription drug with no intoxicating effects.

A Chapman University scientist reveals in two recent studies that nausea-reducing chemicals in marijuana can be separated from the chemicals that produce euphoria.

While use in humans is years away, the findings by Keun-Hang Susan Yang and her fellow researchers could be especially good news for chemotherapy patients, she says. Separate research has shown that marijuana sharply curbs the nausea induced by chemotherapy.

Her recent work focuses on two major chemicals found in marijuana — THC (tetraydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

“One of the things marijuana does is to reduce vomiting and nausea problems,” said Yang, a professor who specializes in bioscience and computational biology. “People found out that THC is a problem because of the psychological actions of it. But CBD alone can potentially be used for treatment of this condition.”


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