[pic] Tom Cruise Sits on Top of the Tallest Building in The World for Mission Impossible 4

This guy is going all out for this movie, can’t wait to see a trailer next year.

via Gizmodo via Photographer Gerald Donovan

He was up there for about an hour. Chopper circled several times very close.

He’s the only one that you can see, but on a video I have, you can see that there were other people up there but hiding down the spire. Lots and lots of filming was happening—both from the chopper and from below (check out the guy in the cradle hanging lower down the Burj on the left hand side).

They were filming a 360 degree pan of him. My guess is that it’s for promo, and maybe not for the film itself (in all the swinging shots he’s wearing 3/4 length trousers. Here he’s wearing jeans I think).

4 thoughts on “[pic] Tom Cruise Sits on Top of the Tallest Building in The World for Mission Impossible 4

  1. I really disagree! I am amazed that this really did happen in todays world. I was happy in the fact I was sat down. The Boss’ are coming to terms about things in future I need to keep an eye on what happens .

  2. Really ,this self pity attempt to publicly kill himself has gone to far! We all know of his issue with scientology, But he has taken it toooo farrr!Sure he out lived Michael Jackson but that does not make him a god.He can only wish he was like Michael Jackson and be sitting at the table with GOD!! Hollywood really doesn’t seem to care anymore about celebrities after the make their agents and contracted companys rich! Way to go Tom, make them think their going to lose ano
    ther cash cow and see them sweat then Huh! Arline Hartley Willis, Michigan.

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