Alcohol Infused ‘Whipped Lightning’ to Take Over for Four Loko?

Seems like if you wanna party these days just sign up to your local university.
via WFTV

It might look like a regular can of whipped cream, but if you take a closer look at the label, you’ll see why some university students are really buzzing about whipped lightning.”I think it’s awesome, you can throw it on some Jell-O shots. It’d be fantastic,” UCF student Bo Frisby said.The whipped treat comes in different flavors, and it’s infused with alcohol.

The alcohol content is fairly high, 18 percent by volume, that’s more than three times the amount found in most beers.Liquor stores around the UCF area said the new form of booze is flying off the shelves.”I’m not surprised, it’s college. I’m not surprised at all actually. I’m actually shocked they didn’t come up with it sooner,” UCF student John Washington said.But critics said it might not be the best idea.”I mean if people already get high off whipped cream bottles, you put alcohol into that mix, it’s not exactly a good combination,” UCF student Lisette Diaz said.Students said the thing that makes it dangerous is if they put it with things like Jell-O shots, where the alcohol flavor is already masked, they could get extremely intoxicated without realizing how much alcohol they’ve had.


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