We Make Us Better… Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way.


On yesterday, the NY Daily News featured the men of We Make Us Better, a campaign started in Bed-Stuy to actively support, unite and empower the Black community.  I first heard about We Make Us Better from Richard Beavers, owner of the House of Art gallery on Lewis & Macon in Bed-Stuy.  Check out the article below.  For more information on We Make Us Better email: WeMakeUsBetter@gmail.com

Group of Bed-Stuy men, We Make Us Better, escorts pedestrians in wake of robberies (NY Daily News)

After a spate of recent muggings and robberies, a group of 20 Bedford-Stuyvesant men started escorting people home as they got off the train and are walking through the neighborhood reaching out to young men.

“We’re not the Guardian Angels, we’re not armed,” said Kareem Varlack, 35, a field technician for Verizon and a founding member of the group We Make Us Better.

“We’re about encouraging males to be involved, because you don’t see men in their 20s, 30s and 40s involved in the community anymore, so we’re trying to bridge that gap.”

Once a week – on random evenings – the men walk subway riders home from the Utica Ave. train station. They also sponsored a neighborhood outreach walk earlier this month, stopping to talk to young men hanging out on the corners.

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3 thoughts on “We Make Us Better… Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way.

  1. You gentlemen should be sooooooo proud of yourselves. Good for you and your sons and wives and daughters. In doing this you reafirm your value and character and show the world with justified pride. Real men wow!!!!

  2. I love the love you’re facilitating in our neighborhood! I’m inviting you to our Holiday market on December 11th and 18th. It’s between 12-8pm and I hope you guys can show some love and have some good food as well!

    Artisan vendors will be selling homemade wines and vinegar, lotions, soaps, herbal gift sets and warming liniments, fresh herb teas, jewelry, incense and other fantastic holiday must-haves.

    Cooking demonstrations will be held by food specialist and market president, Yonnette Fleming. Fresh cob oven baked bread and mulled apple cider will stave off winter chills and keep you full until dinner is done! Learn how to make classic and unique dishes using seasonal veggies and seasonings gathered fresh from the Garden and local farms!

    If you have questions or would like to participate as a vendor or musician, we’ll be happy to have you!

    Contact Frances at heygreenery@gmail.com for more details!

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