Boise State Athletes Charged With High School Sodomy Hazing

These guys are really sick and if found guilty are rapists in my book. They need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and labeled sexual predators because their actions are straight disgusting and sick.via Huff Post

Three college football players, including Boise State freshman receiver Anthony Clarke, have been charged with sexual crime, battery and false imprisonment due to incidents which took place last year at a high school in Blackfoot, Idaho, according to Reuters.

According to police, five athletes are charged with forcible sexual penetration using a foreign object on their teammates on the high school basketball team. They were also said to have beaten and “restrained the victims in a locker room and on a school bus during a three-month period that began last December.”


One thought on “Boise State Athletes Charged With High School Sodomy Hazing

  1. Are they homosexuals posing as athletes? I wonder what back ground or culture suburban rich white area they come from? Cant say they have no fathers or from economically depressed broken drug infested projects or inner city bull shit crap! Doesn’t this kind of thing only happen to “those people”?

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