[video] Phil Jackson speaks Lakers vs. Heat, Lebron Leaving Cleveland

I am always baffled by these former players who constantly critique Lebron for leaving Cleveland after fulfilling his contract after seven years and making that franchise a ton of money but never gave him one superstar to play with. Please get over it, he made a decision for himself and for anyone to say what and where he should of played is crazy. Of course had he would have come to play for your team that would have been different ehh? Let’s not forget that Kobe demanded to be traded after he was not given the proper supporting cast to make a championship run, and that Phil Jackson left the Bulls as well to coach in LA.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



5 thoughts on “[video] Phil Jackson speaks Lakers vs. Heat, Lebron Leaving Cleveland

  1. even with his all-star team he will find a way to quit, or have an “injury”, then what? blame the coach? blame his supporting cast- AGAIN… boston will eat them alive, LA too. so keep on hoping for your boyfriend to win a ring, but he ain’t. we will agree to disagree, and that you have a big time man crush on lequit.

  2. Aight I see you are just a Lebron hater period and nothing will change your mind. Even in post game Magic said for crowds to stop booing him cause he is playing at a level nobody else is especially on the big stage. All I can say is Boston will be next to fall and then what will you say? Get over it he is leading Miami Heat to a championship and there is nothing you can do about it but watch.

  3. was KG a hometown star? was he born and raised in NE minnesota? hmmmm, I don’t think so, did KG stab his hometown in the face? AND do it on natl. tv? keep on swinging pal, new jack swing on leborn’s- you know the rest.

  4. man do you swing from lbjs nuts… get off the jock. he has won NOTHING, he was the gm and coach w/ the cavs, and realized, I have to surround myself w/ MEGA STARS, cause I can’t win jack as the man…. bottom line my man. You need to deal with that. Boston all the way- obviously.

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