Fried Fish Leads to Higher Risk for Strokes

As much as it tastes good, you guys better drastically cut down the fried foods unless you wanna see the grave early or have a myriad of health problems.

via AOL

“When you deep fry foods you get oxidized fats, and those are definitely not good for you,” nutritionist Dr. Douglas Husbands told AOL Health. “People probably make the mistake of saying, ‘Oh it’s fish,’ but then they fry it and they’re losing a lot of the benefits.”

The research also concluded that African-Americans eat more fried fish than Caucasians, and they, too, are more likely to die from a stroke.

“These differences in fish consumption may be one of the potential reasons for the racial and geographic differences in stroke incidence and mortality,” study author Fadi Nahab of Emory University in Atlanta, a member of the American Academy of Neurology, said in a statement.

The research relied on 21,675 participants in a larger stroke study with an average age of 65. About 21 percent were from the so-called “stroke buckle,” or the coastal plains of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, where the mortality rates are the highest. Thirty-four percent were from the rest of the stroke belt, and 44 percent were from the other 40 states in the continental U.S.


4 thoughts on “Fried Fish Leads to Higher Risk for Strokes

  1. Haha.

    But seriously fried foods are bad all the way around and even if you eat it with a salad Eric you are canceling out any benefit from the salad.

    Better to eat steamed fish and cooked sweet potatoes and enjoy that instead making yourself a prime target for stroke but I understand cause it does taste good.

  2. Mix it with a healthy diet. Fried seafood isn’t suppose to be a meal, but only part of a healthy diet. Usually when I buy fish and chips, I get it with a salad or have a salad or something healthy on the same day. Also limiting consumption of fried food helps a lot. I always make sure I don’t have it more than once every two weeks.

    By the way, that picture makes me hungry more than worried.

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