[video] Navy Pilots Supended for Helicopter Stunt on Lake Tahoe

These guys are really crazy if they really risked their lives for some Facebook pics. This would have been great for Mission Impossible 4 though. Check out the amazing video and read the story below:

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — The crew of two naval helicopters that dipped into Lake Tahoe in September were hovering close to the water at Emerald Bay to get photos for their command’s Facebook page, according to a Navy official.

Two unidentified Navy pilots were on the return leg of a cross-country tour on Sept. 13 when they attempted to maneuver their MH-60 Romeo helicopters into a hover a few feet above the water in Emerald Bay, according to the investigation. The aircraft did not have sufficient power to sustain the hover and slowly descended into the lake before summoning enough power to regain altitude and land at nearby Lake Tahoe Airport.



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