[pics]Keith Olbermann tweets: Fox News is 100% Bullshit

I tend to agree with Keith and probably most of the country does at well, but we have a bunch a people who live and die by the racist propaganda Fox News spews every night, go figure. Hit the jump to see some more tweets from the MSNBC star:


2 thoughts on “[pics]Keith Olbermann tweets: Fox News is 100% Bullshit

  1. @titus
    Okay well hold up a second as you profess your love for Keith and to run for office. He is known to had a crazy ego and has flown off the handle plenty of times according to reports. This is a sports guys first and foremost and I would love to see him back doing more sports related things in addition to his stuff at MSNBC but running for office seems highly unlikely.

  2. Keith Obermen is God! Thank You and Rachel Madow and Shultz are my heroes! They have the back bone that our President seems to lack! I wished Keith could run for a senate or congressional seat, maybe a shot at the 2012b Presidential race! Why not! If the right wing extreme racist can find witches and bitches and nut jobs to run and win some seats why can’t a real genuine liberal human person like Keith run as a candidate? Keith if you read this post please respond, the real un afraid America needs your voice in congress! God Bless the Real America!

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