[video] Raw Video of Detroit Police Shooting Released

Intense security video that shows the shootings inside a police precinct has been released to the public.

Chief Ralph Godbee says he released the video to show the heroism of the Detroit Police officers of Detroit’s Northwest District on the day Lamar Moore walked in and opened fire.

He also wanted to show the transparency of the department in letting the public see exactly what happened.

The dramatic video shows that frightening Sunday afternoon on January 23 when four officers were wounded inside the police station. It all happened shortly after police went to Moore’s home to investigate a 13-year-old girl’s claim that Moore kidnapped and sexually assaulted her.

Police officers say the video of the shootout in the police station shows the bravery of their men and women.

All four officers survived the shootout. They have all been released from the hospital. The shooter, Lamar Moore was shot and killed during the incident.

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