[video] Houston Police Illegally Kick and Beat Suspect

Throw these pigs in jail because this guy had surrendered and there was no reason for them to beat and kick him. This was an illegal act and they should be fired and prosecuted.

via Newsone

The teenager has now filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging HPD officers beat him during his March 23 arrest.

Four Houston officers were indicted on official oppression charges and fired after a surveillance videotape surfaced reportedly showing them officers beating and kicking Holley while he was sprawled handcuffed on the ground. He was 15 at the time.

2 thoughts on “[video] Houston Police Illegally Kick and Beat Suspect

  1. Now you know why. Ass holes want to be cops they are punks and cowards with badges! I thought most were racist white rednecks hiding behind the badge living in the all white rural suburbs! Surprisingly there are ass hole latinos wetback mexs and spicks that want to be white and uncle tom niggas! They take these former low lifes themselves
    Former gang bangers ex drug dealers turned cops! Thugs with badges!

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