Conservative idiot Andrew Breitbart attacks First Lady’s ‘Anti-obesity’ campaign with cartoon

This cartoon makes perfect sense Andrew. Attack the first lady who is bringing awareness to one of this countries worst problems obesity with a dumb cartoon which makes no sense. This idiot Andrew really has a problem with black women huh?
via Huff Post

Michelle Obama is depicted as overweight and binging on hamburgers in a cartoon on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website.

The cartoon, which also appeared on Breitbart’s Big Journalism site over the weekend, references Obama’s campaign to encourage healthy eating and fight obesity. In it, she is drawn with a double chin and plump cheeks. She is drawn saying, “I’ve stepped up my efforts to control America’s eating habits by telling restaurants to lower portion sizes and fat content.” While she says this, she is eating one of a plateful of hamburgers.

President Obama is shown next to her, with huge ears but no excess fat, eating one of a tiny number of vegetables.

“Michelle, I want to get re-elected,” he says. “What you’re doing is only going to annoy a lot of people.”

“Shut up and pass the bacon!” she replies.


Sound Off!!

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