2 thoughts on “[video] The World is Obsessed with Facebook

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  2. This is a very good thing. The loving truth about Gods word can also be shared to many so humans will work together being one in love.So humans will be godly preparing for eternity that is before our eyes,but not being able to see the end of it, or in detail the things within it with our physical eyes that are in a finite body. The spirit of this eternal God is in the furries of the furry fandom,and all those that have been persecuted. The once who persecute will miss eternity by not turning away from persecuting,but those that turn will allow a force that made all that man did not make in side of them invigorating their soul so whoever can love all even as the Lord God loves. The Lord God is waiting patently for his image to be seen in us. Then at a time he alone knows will part the heavens like a scroll to take us to our real home. He will not touch this earth when he does this.

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