[video] Tyler the Creator ‘Goblin’ (A Brief Review)

Yeah I just found out about this kid Tyler the Creator from his first nation television appearance on Jimmy Fallon. Prior to that I never heard his music and I might have seen his name floating around. Anyway he just bagged some major co-signs from Pusha T and Kanye West which will naturally introduce him to a much bigger audience. Funny thing is that his core is having a riot over on his Youtube page because of these co-signs and are mad at all the new wave of fans who are now checking this kid out for the first time.

Anyway I discussed this with my brother ICE and that he reminds me of Tha Rockness Monstah from Helter Skelter in his prime in the 90’s. This is a strong compliment because Rockness along with Ruck (now Sean Price) were legends in 90’s rap along with the whole Bootcamp Clik and don’t get their just due for their accomplishments. Tyler might be too young to have experienced that part of NYC rap. This kid also does all his own videos and being a film maker myself he gets major props for that as well. Check out his video below and I just added some Rockness Monsta just for you to get what I am saying in terms of the comparison. If you like what you see their site is oddfuture.com

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