2 thoughts on “[video] Voodoo Sex Ceremony Kills One, Leaves 47 Families Homeless!

  1. Reporters made that up. They are trying to get black people to call African Diaspora religions like Vodoun crazy.. and send them back to the white churches…

  2. It was not the Voodoo sex ceremony as it is called by name that is to blame for the fire. What was do blame are careless humans with candles with volatile things near buy. Humans have to fancy things up about a thing that is simple .Enough humans have suffered,and to use the legal system to cause more suffering is not a good thing to do.I can tell you this: the ones that did that ceremony will not do that again. Candles are a nice effect, but they are a deadly combination near a bed that is flammable Opening doors, and windows in that situation was showing how stupid they were from the get go. I hope they learned a valuable lesson.

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