[video] Bill O’ Reilly explains why he interrupts Obama, Sarah Palin

“…They think I am an idiot…”. No Bill nobody thinks you are an idiot, we all know you are an idiot.

via Huff Post

“I don’t want to have to interrupt Sarah Palin or Barack Obama or anybody,” he said. “I asked Sarah Palin a direct question. [She] didn’t answer it.” Wallace agreed, and said he was interrupting guests more because they were increasingly relying on talking points instead of answering his questions. More here..


3 thoughts on “[video] Bill O’ Reilly explains why he interrupts Obama, Sarah Palin

  1. Bull S___ When they come on there they come on to be interviewed. It is not paid campaign programming. They don’t get a free ticket to promote their platform. They have agreed to be interviewed. I give Bill O kudos. When he does this he helps to point out the clods who do not want to be straight. I say answer the question or we all know that you have something to hide. What if you asked your doctor a question and he started talking about basket weaving?

  2. Boring, balding, bilious BillO interrupts people because he is an insecure, ego-driven jerk with not a trace of class or dignity.

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