5 thoughts on “[video] Vida Guerra Bares all for PETA!

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  3. Eating meat is not a sin, but whoever has tender mercies being cruel will be known by one being,and not have Jesus in you when God’s light shines,and it will be to late to get Jesus in you. All non humans will be saved for the kingdom of God because they have the meek spirit of God in them that we need. We are animals too,and we should not want to devour our neighbor the zoosexual with mean words because mean words bit humans as if whoever is eating them.

  4. You say that non human animals should not be abused, tortured in any way, but PETA will alter them,and that is not abuse? Humans abuse humans for engaging in sex with non human animals, and sex is not tortured at all. Stop putting on a pretty face,and wave a scalpel,and continue to dehumanize the one who has sex with his or her dog etc, and legalize it ,and not arrest whoever when seen with a naked man or woman having sex with one,or pleasing them like jacking on off at a dog park for example,and even himself if he feels so inclined. That is not being a warmonger, and that is a good thing.

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