[video] Woman refuses jail, goes UFC on court officers in Las Vegas court room

“…I got responsibilities..” She really must be a big fan of MMA with those moves.

A Nevada court officer was hurt in a scuffle with 36-year-old Latasha Williams who fought being taken into custody following a mental health court hearing.

5 thoughts on “[video] Woman refuses jail, goes UFC on court officers in Las Vegas court room

  1. She was being assaulted. What would you do knowing you were being taken away from your children. The police are evil. Police will not be in heaven,and heaven has to be in us. When heaven is in us the risen Lord will be in us,and when the risen lord is in us humans like those power hungry devils who don’t know what real power is will not do what they are doing.

  2. Humans have a demonically warped idea what power is,and power is not doing what humans are doing to that woman calling it good. Heaven has to be in us to save our- soul,and in heaven there will be no police.Therefore no police should be needed on earth too.

  3. The police are originating from the mind of the devil in an attempt to out do God thinking he has a better way to control humanity. Gods way is love,and not the brutal way of the police force. The name says it all, force. God forces no man to do anything.We are conditioned from the day we are born with toy police cars thinking it’s cool with a black,and white car with a siren, but it is not cool. That reflects the Good-white, and evil-black representing beguiling serpent that deceived Adam,and eve. Dismantle the legal system ,and make God happy,and humans happy too. Free that woman.Do not do what you did to that poor woman ever again.

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