Entrepreneurs: Don’t Melt Down from 24/7 Workload

Definitely something that I have learned over the past six or seven months. Trying to work 24/7 is definitely not the path to success, it is a path to being very unhealthy and your skills eroding rapidly the longer you force your body into overtime. This is a great article that stresses that all you entrepreneurs get adequate rest to perform at peak performance.

via Entrepreneur

“If someone gets overloaded, fatigued and bombarded with stimuli at all hours, at some point they’re going to suffer from decreased cognitive function, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and decreased ability to process information and make decisions,” says Dr. Michael Komie, a professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. “It’s the same as pilots who are over-fatigued.” But unlike pilots, there are no rules governing how many hours entrepreneurs can spend working each day.

“Entrepreneurs need to have periods of intense activity, but if it’s not balanced out with reflection, relaxation and doing something to take your mind off work, you won’t be able to be innovative, creative or find solutions to problems,” says Donna De Carolis, associate dean of strategic initiatives at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business in Philadelphia.


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