Indian activists hate Lakshmi bathing suit

Note to Designers: Do not put beloved religious figures on your bikinis. Hit the jump to see what got these guys really hot.

via Huff Post
Lisa Blue recently sent the number walking at Australian Fashion Week. It features a vibrant image of Lakshmi across the front and along the rear.

The label was called out by statesman Rajan Zed, who “said that it was disturbing to see goddess Lakshmi, who was highly revered in Hinduism, on a swimwear displayed by a model at a fashion show. Lakshmi was meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and not for pushing swimwear in fashion shows for mercantile greed of an apparel company,” according to the North India Times.


4 thoughts on “Indian activists hate Lakshmi bathing suit

  1. smh, we should have learned not to play with religious figures regardless of what religion it is.
    I hope this doesn’t get any more than this.

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