IMF chief’s wife scraps up $6 mill for his bail

This dude should have been not granted bail because he could still leave and hide for years to come. Remember he was trying to board a plane when they snatched him up. Equally for his lawyer to suggest the sex was consensual is even crazier.

via Daily Mail

The former head of the IMF was dramatically granted bail yesterday under draconian conditions as it emerged he will face a trial for his alleged sex attack on a hotel maid.

He will be released from Rikers Island prison in New York to an apartment in Manhattan thanks to his third wife, French journalist and millionaire heiress, Anne Sinclair, who raised the necessary$6m to satisfy the State Supreme Court this afternoon.
The daughter of an art dealer, she managed to raise $1m in cash and $5m insurance bond.
The arrangements to which Strauss-Kahn must abide are still very restrictive, however. He will subjected to 24-hour monitoring by a security firm paid for by himself and an electronic tag will be fitted on his ankle.
Video cameras will also be installed in the house and alarms will be fitted on the doors to stop him leaving.
The judge’s decision to post bail was greeted with visible relief by Ms Sinclair and Strauss-Khan’s daughter Camille – a university student based in New York.


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