[video] Mexican school teacher sings to calm kids during wild shootout

This woman is definitely a hero for trying her best to keep these kids calm and safe while gunshots were flying just outside the classroom. Hit the jump for video.

A schoolgirl hugs her teacher Martha Ivette Rivera Alanis before starting clashes at school in a working class neighbourhood in Monterrey May 30, 2011. Rivera Alanis has won local acclaim for using her cell phone video camera to record the security protocol keeping a school room of children from panicking during a daylight shootout on Friday 27 in the street outside, distracting them with songs and stories, local media reported. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

via Telegraph UK

Teacher Martha Rivera Alanis was awarded a certificate for showing “outstanding civic courage” for her steady performance during a gunfight in the northern industrial hub of Monterrey.

As Miss Rivera Alanis proudly held up the framed certificate outside the local Governor’s office she said she was not concerned with fame – only the safety of her 5- and 6-year-old pupils.

“Of course, I was afraid, but I tell you, my kids get me through it,” she said following the private ceremony.

Miss Rivera Alanis used her cell phone to tape the video, in which she is heard coaxing her 15 pupils to lie flat on the floor.

“No, my love, nothing is going to happen, just put your little face on the floor,” she is heard telling one worried little girl.


Vodpod videos no longer available.



 Then, loud bursts of gunfire break out, which local paramedics later confirmed were the sound of gunmen killing five people at a taxi stand a block from the school.
Monterrey has been plagued by a wave of drug-related violence, in which gangs linked to drug cartels have staged gunfights, blocked streets and opened fire on civilians.

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