Kuma Games set to release ‘Kill Bin Laden’ online game

I was really trying to dead the Bin Laden posts this week (sorry for the pun) but stuff just keeps coming, so I gotta bring you guys the latest craziness.

Here we have Kuma Games who have seized on the opportunity to profit on the alleged assassination America’s Most Wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden in their game Kuma War Episode 107: Osama 2011.  More info below:

via THR

The new game mission, which launches on May 7, was developed by New York-based game studio Kuma Games, which makes online games for the History Channel, Animal Planet and Biography Channel. Over 20 million gamers have logged onto one of Kuma’s 150 online game episodes over the years.

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[video] Osama Bin Laden Home Videos Released

To satisfy the doubters and to show the real Bin Laden, the government releases these purported home videos. This video shows him ironically watching himself on Al Jeezra and has just a shot of him from the side. Rather than silence the doubters, this video will ramp up the noise that this whole Bin Laden death thing is an elaborate government hoax. Try again.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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[video] Teenager gets drunk. Fights mother.Get’s VIOLENTLY close-lined by Phoenix Police officer.

He could of killed her straight up. In no way am I condoning her wild behavior but that was more than excessive.

via Buzzfeed

A video of a Phoenix police officer slamming a 15-year-old girl to a wall surfaced on the web. The incident happened on January 2011, when the teenager was caught drinking at school. Police were called when the teenager got into a physical fight with her mom. The officer is now being investigated for alleged excessive use of force.


[video] Woman pulls a ‘Nikki Minaj’ wakes up with Scottish accent after Surgery

They say this is a real condition, I say she is scamming us all.

via Newser

Oregon native Karen Butler woke up from dental surgery with an accent that’s not from Oregon—or anywhere else in the world. Butler, 56, who experts believe may be a victim of the rare but real condition “foreign accent syndrome,” now speaks with an accent described as part Irish, part Scottish, and part northern English with touches of South African, Australian, and Transylvanian, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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[audio] Glenn Beck doubts Osama is dead

He makes his case as to why Bin Laden is not really dead.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“There is something bothering me and it has to do with the helicopter crash. Getting Osama Bin Laden out, and the fact that we know that Wikleaks says that al-Qaeda has nukes. And here we have the head of al-Qaeda and we shoot him. Reports coming from the Pentagon, he was unarmed. Now why would we shoot a guy? Did we get the information? Could we have done anything with that? Were poll numbers involved, or are we seeing a show? Is it possible that Osama Bin Laden has been ghosted out of his compound, and we’re seeing a show at this point? Watch the other hand. Watch the other hand.”

via Politicus USA

Will Egypt’s al-Zawahri who called President Obama a ‘house negro’ replace Osama Bin Laden?

First and foremost you guys already know I have doubts about this whole story starting with 9/11, and I am not some crazy conspiracy theorist, the facts just don’t add up logically in my book.

With the news cycle still deeply into Osama Bin Laden alleged assassination by Navy Seal’s secretive Team Six, has power been passed to this guy?

I have seen a bunch of talking heads say that this was a major blow and make assumptions that the ‘head of the snake’ of terrorism has been cut off with Bin Laden’s death but it seems that there are plenty ready to take his place. Do you really feel safe America? Check out who they saying is ready to take over the global jihad against America.

The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon made bin Laden Enemy No. 1 to the United States. But he likely could never have carried it out without al-Zawahri. Bin Laden provided al-Qaida with the charisma and money, but al-Zawahri brought the ideological fire, tactics and organizational skills needed to forge disparate militants into a network of cells in countries around the world.

“Al-Zawahri was always bin Laden’s mentor, bin Laden always looked up to him,” says terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman of Georgetown University.

With Bin Laden killed, Ayman al-Zawahri becomes the top candidate for the world’s top terror job.

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[video] Timeline of Bin Laden’s Killing

Still trying to wrap my head around this news. I see people in the streets ‘partying like its 1999’ (c) Prince. Has this world take a turn for the better? Or have we just solidified war for the next 100 years? This whole story of throwing him overboard is just plain crazy. Is Al Qeda really defeated? This glass of Kool-AID is just too tall for me to drink.

SOURCE: Peter Mobsta

Breaking News: President Obama announces death of Osama Bin Laden (Update)

Full Statement from President Obama:

Obama got Osama.They are saying they killed him and have his body. Story developing.

(CNN) — The mastermind of the worst terrorist attack on American soil is dead, U.S. President Barack Obama announced late Sunday night, almost 10 years after the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people.
Osama bin Laden — the longtime leader of al Qaeda — was killed by U.S. forces in a mansion outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad along with other family members, a senior U.S. official told CNN.
U.S. officials have taken custody of bin Laden’s body, Obama said. No Americans were harmed in the operation, he added.
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