[pic] Hedge Fund A-Hole Has $100 Million Balance on ATM Reciept

So is he an asshole just because he has a $100 million in the bank? Of course. Gawker has also uncovered who this guy is if you wanna inflict more pain on yourself.

via Gawker

 — How much do you have in your checking account? Probably enough to cover rent and the five vodka tonics it will take to make you forget that you just paid rent and are now officially tapped out. Right? Well, this one jackass keeps $100 million in his account.

Dealbreaker stumbled across this ATM receipt in East Hampton and the rich motherfucker who used the ATM right before them has almost $100 million in his savings account. Can this even be real? I think we should fine him like $20 million for littering, shouldn we?

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