US diver Bill Warren hunts for Bin Laden’s body in Sea

This is definitely going to be must see television whenever it debuts.

via Yahoo

June 13 (IANS/RIA Novosti) Eccentric California salvage diver and entrepreneur Bill Warren, 59, has announced that he wants to find Osama Bin Laden’s body as proof the Al Qaeda leader is really dead.
‘I’m doing it because I am a patriotic American who wants to know the truth. I do it for the world,’ Warren told the New York Post.

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Bilderberg Meeting in Switzerland Attracting Major Attention

These guys are the ones who are setting a secretive global policy, not Jay Z and Kanye West. I would dare to say the majority of those attending would laugh at the thought. But the rumors will persist ,which effectively takes away from the fact that this meeting has been taking place for decades with major implications the world over arising from this ‘cabal’. More info below:

via the New American

Though Bilderberg touts itself as a sort of forum where attendees can discuss ideas freely without the spotlight of the press, anecdotal evidence suggests that there is much more going on. Consider: Then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton attended the 1991 Bilderberg conference. He was virtually unknown at that time. The following year, Clinton was elected President.

Numerous other relatively obscure figures who have attended the meetings have ended up meteorically rising to power in a spectacular fashion. Tony Blair is another good example. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were reported to have attended the 2008 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. Current Treasury Secretary Timothy “TurboTax” Geithner and Federal Reserve boss Ben Bernanke were there that year, too.

A secretive cabal of some of the world’s most influential people known as the Bilderberg group will be meeting from June 9 to the 12th in St. Moritz, Switzerland — but this year, more attention than usual is being afforded to the gathering in the world press.

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Muslim weightlifter seeks to change rules to cover up her body during competition

Do we really need to see her bare skin to actually determine if she can deadlift, squat, and snatch heavy weights? Don’t think so and honestly as long as she can lift why should it make a difference if she is wearing sweat pants and a shirt.

via CNN
Atlanta (CNN) — Kulsoom Abdullah is a 35-year-old with a doctorate in electrical and computer engineering. But it’s her passion outside of work that has put her at the center of a debate — one that could affect athletic competitions worldwide, even the Olympics.

Later this month, the International Weightlifting Federation will take up the question of whether Abdullah may take part in officially sanctioned tournaments while keeping her entire body covered, aside from her hands and face, in keeping with her Muslim faith.

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Exclusive: Custom Seattle Mariners New Era

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Tracy Morgan Apologizes for Gay Rant in Nashville

Well it seems that Tracy raised some eyebrows the other night when he performed his act in a comedy club in Nashville and he seemingly had a rant about gays. Now I don’t think any footage has surfaced yet and if it does I will be sure to post. Anyway as always he has apologized. Check out the apology below and what he said from an attendee named Kevin Rogers who was written blow by blow details of what Tracy said. By the way if Tracy really feels this way this picture is definitely sending the reverse message.

“I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville. Im not a hateful person and dont condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.”

– Entertainment Weekly


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[video] Lupe Fiasco Explains Why He Calls Obama “The Biggest Terrorist”

Lupe Fiasco courts controversy again with his comments about President Obama. I can definitely understand his points, but to rest this squarely on Obama’s shoulder is short sighted because these current policies have been in action for decades upon decades, so his mantra of blame it on the black dude will come up short with alot of people. This is a corrupt system without a doubt and yes voting will not do anything to change that but how many are willing to accept that only through bloody revolt would anything change in this country.


Satoshi “Blackwomen ain’t attractive” Kanazawa gets fired from Psychology Today

Never took the time to blog about this fool cause what he said was just stupidity on top of being offensive but I am gonna post the fact his stupidness got him axed. If he personally felt black women were not attractive that is something he should of kept to himself and not write an article and think it would just fly under the radar without major backlash. Definitely idiot of the week.

via Huliq
Satoshi Kanazawa’s lost his blog and his profile page has been deleted from Psychology Today’s website. His article and unqualified research on unattractive black women sent off a fury of protests online. 75,000 people blew up Psychology Today via email, Twitter and Facebook. Some even rang Psychology Today’s telephones off the hook.

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Amazing but sad pics of beached 44 ft. Sperm Whale

Sad this guy could not find any food and had to beach himself. Just the sheer size of him is amazing and these pics should wake up those who don’t realize that if we don’t drastically change animals like this will be instinct forever.

via Daily Mail
Richard Ilderton, of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, who was called to the stricken creature, said the North Sea was the wrong environment for such a large creature, and any attempt to refloat it – even if it was possible – would have been cruel.

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