Exclusive: Cleveland Indians New Era 59/50 Fitted

Rock-N-Jocks brings the heater with this just dropped custom Cleveland Indians New Era 59/50 fitted hat. This custom is just like the one Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn wore in the movie Major League. This fitted is all navy blue with the top of the bill in red and the bottom of the bill in light grey. The embroidered bigger Chief Wahoo logo on the front of the hat is in red, white, and navy blue. The back of the hat has the embroidered m.l.b. logo in red, white, and navy blue. Limited to only 30 total pieces. Be winning an pick one up only at www.rocknjocks.com

Bradley Cooper says Doors are Opening

“I would not have had the opportunity for Relativity, I think, to take the chance on allowing me to carry the burden of a story on my own if I hadn’t been in The Hang Over,”  shared Bradley Cooper in his recent interview with BBC radio. Cooper, who is working on his next film Place Beyond the Pine, where he plays a cop that is “finding his way,”  appears to be enjoying his successes with Limitless and The Hang Over 2 and making new roads for the future. It also seems that Cooper would welcome The Hang Over 3, if asked by Todd Philips, who he believes to be the best filmmaker in comedy.  Click here Listen to the interview at BBC.com

Hideki Irabu Dead: Suicide Suspected

This is another unfortunate story that broke yesterday. Hideki Irabu, former New York Yankees pitcher was found dead in his California home on July 27 at age 42. According to NBC Sports, Irabu had a tumultuous career after his 1998 and 1999 World Series wins with the Yankees, where he was labeled a fat toad by former owner George Steinbrenner  after failing to meet expectations. After being traded to the Expos and then the Rangers, Irabu retired in 2002. Irabu was arrested in 2010 for drunk driving and in 2008 for assaulting a bar manager after “allegedly consuming 20 glasses of beer.” via NBCSports

Stories like these force us to look in the mirror and ask what is the source of our joy. Life is not perfect and it never will be but our lives revolve around our careers, people or status, we will never be fulfilled. I am not privy to know the details of Hideki Irabu’s life, however, it is clear that at some point he lost hope along with a sense of purpose in this life. Take time to love yourself today.



Exclusive: Custom Chicago Bulls New Era Fitted

Rock-N-Jocks brings to you the perfect match for the Jordan Retro 3 Stealth shoes that are coming out September 3rd with this custom Chicago Bulls New Era fitted. This fitted is all grey with the top of the bill in cement print to match the shoe perfect with the bottom of the bill in black. The embroidered bull logo on the front of the hat is in silver, black, white, and red, white, and black. The back of the hat has the embroidered bull logo but smaller also in red, white, and black. Limited to only 30 total pieces. Go get yours before it is too late only at http://www.rocknjocks.com

Video: Bjork releases “Crystalline” and the Biophillia App Grows.

Directed by Michel Gondry,”Crystalline” is the first song released on Biophillia. It is also the first of 10 in-app experiences within Bjork’s 3-D galaxy Biophillia app, which some are calling the “mother app.” The app gradually makes songs available within the as they are released along with interactive art, games, essays, animations karaoke and lyrics. It is the combination of “Nature, Music and Technology,” according to the app’s introduction by one of Britian’s most well-known natural history broadcasters, David Attenborough. Whether you are a fan of Bjork or not, you have to her creative mind and the way she pulls listeners into an experience that reaches beyond the music. Check it out below. Read more at itunes.com

AMC pitches “The Pitch”

After the success of scripted shows Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Killing and The Walking Dead, AMC is heading for the real world.  The network is pitching the reality show “The Pitch,” to advertising agencies. Each episode will be a 1 hour stand alone show that features two to three agencies competing for the business of a real client. The producers for “The Pitch” reality TV professionals with CEO Steven Lambert creating “Wife Swap,” “Faking It” and “Undercover Boss,” and Eli Holzman being the former head and co-founder of Miramax Television, and creator of “Project Runway.”

While marketers Yahoo and Kodak have jumped on-board, advertising agencies seem to be on the fence regarding the show. Several agencies are in talks with AMC but remain undecided, including Interpublic’s Deutsch, the Martin Agency and McCann; Publicis’ Kaplan Thaler Group, Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis and Leo Burnett. Other major agencies have completely declined including BBDO, BBH and Deustch.


“We looked at the format and felt it was very misaligned with the way that we work with clients,” said Doug Scott, president of Ogilvy Entertainment. “We didn’t feel that the pitch was staying true to the process in which our [industry] works. What we were presented format-wise felt forced to be a dramatic competition, in a soft-scripted manner, vs. a more natural way that agencies work with clients and how a campaign is born.”

Read More at AdAge.com

Anderson Cooper talks “Anderson”

CNN news anchor takes a leap into daytime television. We all know Anderson Cooper for breaking hard-news stories in Egypt and saving children during the earthquake in Haiti but now he is ready to offer his personal perspective. Set to air September 12, Cooper doesn’t promise his new show will change lives. However, based on his previous work, I am looking forward to what he has to offer. I am sure it is a great alternative to Maury.

Read More at andersoncooper.com

Get Ready for the Thrill! LG Launches 3D Thrill 4G.

For you 3D junkies and gaming addicts, here is another gadget to indulge your techie cravings. LG kicks off it’s campaign for the Thrill 4G today with a concert by Jane’s Addiction in New York City at 9 p.m. at Terminal 5 on the Far West Side. LG is asking concert attendees to take part in the “world’s first 3-D generated concert,” where approximately 200 fans will us the Thrill 4G to capture the action in 3D. The official pre-sale of the Thrill 4G begins on Aug. 7. The LG campaign will also include a 3D-Game tournament in San Francisco.

Read More at NYTimes.com


Amy Winehouse DEAD at 27

We all kinda knew this was gonna happen based on what we have seen the last few years. This is a shame and should be a lesson to those who get involved with heavy drugs.

via NY Times

LONDON — Amy Winehouse, the Grammy-award winning singer who has battled addiction problems for years, was found dead on Saturday at her apartment in London, the police said. She was 27.

The police were called by an ambulance to Ms. Winehouse’s apartment in Camden, North London, shortly before 4:05 pm, the police said in a statement. Ms. Winehouse was pronounced dead at the scene.

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OFFICIAL TRAILER: Paranormal Activity 3

If you know me then you know I love horror movies so I had to put up the official trailer to Paranormal Activity 3. The film is set to premiere October 21st. I’m sure the studio are looking forward to big profits with Paranormal Activity 3 since it’s predecessors generated $370 million worldwide on a combined budget of less than $4 million.

via Screenrant.com

Kanye West and Jay-Z Release “OTIS”

Kanye West and Jay-Z show love to music legend Otis Redding with their new release “OTIS,” which Hot 97 DJ FunkMaster Flex premiered yesterday. The song samples Reddings 1966 classic “Try a Little Tenderness.” I give it a thumbs up. You really can’t go wrong with this on the production side and this lyrically it’s got H.A.M faded. But don’t take my opinion, judge for yourself.

Otis Cover, Jay-Z and Kanye


Is this Farewell to Google Labs?

Today, on it’s official blog Google announced that it will start to scale back Google Labs. While it would mean terminating Labs experiments, Google plans to make these products available on the Android Market.

“While we’ve learned a huge amount by launching very early prototypes in Labs, we believe that greater focus is crucial if we’re to make the most of the extraordinary opportunities ahead.”

via thenextweb.com, via Google Blog

Review: MisFits on Hulu – Mature Audience

While watching Combat Hospital on Hulu, I spotted a commercial for the show MisFits. The top-rated sci-fi series in the UK was made available for the first time in the US via Hulu in June. As a first time viewer, I must say I am enjoying MisFits as it balances crazy sci-fi concepts with sexy banter and comic relief. If you are one of the folks who was up in arms over the Glee Gone Wild photos in GQ, steer clear of MisFits. While Americans are unaccustomed to the racy TNA that these teenagers flaunt, some feel that it is a more realistic representation to teenage behavior. Without getting into a back and forth on ethics, I think that this show is intriguing but judge for yourself.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

MisFits on Hulu, posted with vodpod

Exclusive: Custom Chicago Bulls Fitted

Rock-N-Jocks has got your head covered for the Jordan Retro V’s that are coming out August 6th. This custom Chicago Bulls fitted is all black with the top of the bill in black and the bottom of the bill silver. The embroidered bull logo on the front of the hat face is in silver, with the horns in white and the top of the horns in red. The smoke is in white and red. The back of the hat has the embroidered bull logo but smaller in silver and black. It is limited to only 30 total pieces. Get fitted before the shoe is even released only place to find this custom fitted in the wolrd is at www.rocknjocks.com

CHICAGO: Witnesses of Lynell Hawkins Shooting Dispute Police Report

Saturday, Lynell Hawkins was shot and killed by police officers on the west side of Chicago. WGN reported Sunday that the officers explained that they responded to witnesses that heard gun shots. The police explained that they tracked down Hawkins in a car based on the witnesses description. Hawkins was said to have ran out of his car and open fire on the police, forcing them to return fire.

However,  two witness tell a contrary story in the Chicago Sun-Times.

“[T]wo witnesses who said they were on a third-floor balcony 10 yards away say Hawkins threw his weapon away before the officer arrived. “He threw the gun onto the roof next door but it slid off and fell three floors to the ground below,” one said. “The cop arrived five seconds later, saw the gun on the floor, then ran up the stairs and shot the man,” added the witness, whose account matched that of the second witness. …

The first witness said she did not come forward immediately because, “I wanted to see how the police played it.” She added, “Why did they have to twist the story?”

via WGN,  via Huffington Post