Facebook set to debut Skype Video Calls, New Design

Facebook Rules B*tches.

via Buzzfeed

Mark Zuckerberg announced a new Facebook redesign, without revealing any major details. The focus of the press conference was video calling, through Skype; though, unlike Skype, Facebook users will not require a specific program to utilize the technology, only a plug-in, which they can download whenever someone requests chatting with them:

“I can go to a profile, even if they haven’t installed plug-in to do video chat, quick call and it’ll pop up on his screen. Click ‘I want to download the plug-in’ and we’re chatting. This only works because the system already knows we’re connected.” Video calling for now is “1-1,” but in the Q&A following the conference, Zuckerberg stated that nothing “should be ruled out.” For now, Facebook chat will soon support groups, closer to Google+’s “Hangouts,” but without video support. That seems likely to be an upgrade within weeks or a couple months, though.


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